Artwork Submission & Authentication

My aim is to make this site as complete as possible a resource for studying Mabel Alvarez and her work. If you have knowledge of any Mabel Alvarez picture that is not shown in the ALL KNOWN ARTWORKS section I would very much appreciate your sending its image to me, along with all information you have, so that it can be added to the file.

If you have a picture that you think may have been painted by Mabel Alvarez and you have questions about it, I invite you to transmit its image and everything you know about the picture, and I will be happy to give you my opinion of its authenticity and anything else I might know about it it.

I retain in the Estate the copyright and reproduction rights to the works of Mabel Alvarez. Please notify me in advance if you wish to use the images for any purpose.

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Masaaki Nakano for the estates of Glenn Bassett and Mabel Alvarez

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