All Known Artwork of Unknown Date

Man Holding Violin (Unfinished)

Modernist Composition

Watts Tower

Attributed, Unsigned
9 3/4 x 13 3/4 inches

A Field of Flowers
Oil and masonite
24 x 60 inches

Afternoon Tea
Oil on canvas

12 x 8 inches

Balinese Figure

Boy with Baloons
Oil on canvas
40 x 14 inches

Cherry Orchard

Figure in Desert Sunset
Signature Estate-stamped lower right
Oil on board
12 x 19 inches

Figure with Moon

Flowers in Green Vase

Flowers in Two White Vases

Flowers in White Vase

Four Figures in Aura

Gathering Flowers
Oil on canvas board

Geraniums in Striped Vase


Girl at Window

Girl Seated in the Garden
Oil on canvas
25 x 30 inches


Little Blonde Girl
Pastel on paper
11 x 9 inches

18 x 14 inches

Man Sunbathing

Nude at Beach
16 x 12 inches

Pasadena Hills
7 x 9 inches

Portrait of a Young Negro Woman
Oil on canvas
24 x 20 inches

40 x 30 inches

Rain God
16 x 20 inches

Reclining Figure


Seated Woman

Seated Woman in Cloak
Oil on canvas

Seated Woman in Pink
24 x 14 inches

Seated Woman in Pink Dress

13 x 10 inches

19 x 13 inches

Standing Nude

Standing Nude with Red Shawl
33 x 20 inches

Still Life with Footed Bowl and Brown Pitcher
Oil on board
18 x 22 inches

Still Life with Fruit, Pitcher and Water Glass
20 x 24 inches

Still Life with Two Pitchers
Oil on board
18 x 24 inches

Still Life with Purple Vase

Still Life with Toy
Oil on board
16 x 20 inches

Still Life with Wine and Fruit

Still Life with Wine Bottle

The Blue Madonna
Oil on Masonite
60 x 24 inches

The Pink Dress
19 x 13 inches

Three Women

Two Figures on the Beach
14 x 10 inches

Vase of Flowers

Woman by Stacked Cubes
18 x 14 inches

Woman Clasping Her Face
Oil on board
18 x 14 inches

Woman Lying in a Field

Woman Reclining by Window

Young Girl with Parasol

Young Negro Lady

Young Woman in Wreath
18 x 14 inches

Unknown Title

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